Because of the identity that you get with a Camper Van from Go Kombi, and the genuine excitement that we share with you when you plan your holiday, our happy customers are always in touch.

To give you a real idea of our service and also our commitment, here are some Testimonials and stories from around the globe:

Jean and Paul Whipp

Testimonial1Sorry its been a while but since we hit the East Coast the weather has not been good & we have been staying in a lot of National Parks & alas they do not have internet.

Jean & I would both like to thank you for the fantastic time we had in one of your refurbished Kombis.

When we picked the Van up at your home we took your advise & headed down to the south west & the Margaret River region, then on to Albany, we loved the fact you could just park along the beaches & put the kettle on for a nice English cup of Tea.

We then headed north to Kalgoorlie before we headed back to Perth. Everywhere we went people would stop & talk about the Kombi with that

Nostalgic look in their eyes as they also had one back in the seventies. We then headed up the West coast & the daunting 4500K trip to Darwin & not once did the old beast let us down.

The same occurred as we went up north, every campsite we were befriended by so many people, we have been dined out, invited to stay with couples in Sydney, been given so many tips on travelling, all because of the good old Kombi.

We managed to clock up just under 10.000k’s & in the heat of the west coast did not even need to top up with any coolant.

Many many thanks to you & your team & we really hope your new venture takes off.

All the best

Peter Atwell

Within seconds of receiving my Kombi I was a changed man ……………….the gear had come out, I found my guitar and hot chicks were flocking around my door (my 80 year old neighbour !!). Sorry June but I had to include this photo ! It confirms my belief the older we get the worse we get !!

Jackie and Jon Russel

We had a fabulous summer jetting about the whole of Australia, but none of it was quite as relaxing as our kombi time. Maybe we’ll contact you again if you’re still in kombis when we return in a few years time. Hope the business goes well during your summer.


This is one of our proudest moments. A man called Ern, who has survived cancer, is travelling around Australia on a motorbike. His support vehicle….a Go Kombi Camper Van. Here’s his story….